Welcome to P&W Sales

We work hard to increase the prosperity of our customers!

Our customers mean everything to us and we work hard to take care of them. Our company has been in the oilfield and drilling industry since 1964. We have built long lasting relationships with our customers by being the company to turn to for the products they need now. We anticipate our customers needs by staying aware of their business, what they have going on, where they are working at, and what they are going to need on a day to day basis. We are there to make our customers businesses prosper so our business will prosper. It's a simple method we practice everyday.

We take pride in the fact that we have a very experienced staff. Our system is to maintain a fine group of knowledgeable individuals who work well together to get the best product to the customer at the best price. Friendly, courteous, timely, all the better things are what we look for from our staff and they always deliver.

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