About P&W Sales

P&W Sales, Inc has been providing oilfield and drilling equipment to the industry for 48 years. That's a long time in this industry but we feel like we have lasted this long because we are down to Earth and we deal with the customer the way they want us to. We work with them, we already know what they need, and we make sure we have the part they need when they need it.

In 1964, Dennis Pike and his daughter Mary Ann Williams opened P&W Sales. Dennis got his start in the industry working as a drilling consultant and superintendent in the oilfield.

Wayman McMillian, our current owner, and Dennis Pike's grandson started in 1978 and P&W Sales has been growing ever since.

With 5 locations and 35+ employees to serve over 650 customers, our staying power in the Oil and Gas industry is fueled by our ability to continuing to earn and maintain the trust of our customers.

We have a full service Iron Works facility in Kilgore, Texas. We have a full recertification department for flow line that travels locally and nationally, staffed with Certified Level 2 techs along with a complete inventory of iron and painting services.

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Pipe, Tubing, and Connectors

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